A Savory Holiday Special from the Good Folks at Lodge Design

[ 01.14.2013 ]

To celebrate the end of 2012 and show our client partners just how much we love and appreciate them, Lodge made a heap of BBQ sauce. We kicked off our holiday gift project with a friendly competition among Lodgers to craft the best sauce for a blind tasting back at the shop. The entries poured in (literally) and we found it tough to pick just one. With the winning recipe in hand (not to mention our bellies), we went to the grocery store to multiply our small batch recipe by 100 — yeah, the math was NOT easy — then rented Indy’s Kitchen for an afternoon sauce-a-thon. If you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our slather, click here. Happy holidays all! 2012 was a spectacular year with new clients, new Lodgers and 365 days of getting to do exactly what it is we love to do. Oh, and don’t miss our music picks for the best of 2012.


A Unique Holiday Tradition in the Heart of the City

[ 01.14.2013 ]

Last month, we had chance to capture a world-class choir in action as they prepared for the Middle West’s only performance of Handel’s Messiah with children’s voices and baroque instruments. This video will be used as a recruitment tool in schools and homes around the region to promote the unique opportunity that is the boys and girls choir at Christ Church Cathedral. In fact, it’s one of only a handful of programs like it in the country. In addition to annual tours to places like Washington DC, as well as opportunities to sing abroad, choir members get a serious dose of music theory. According to the choir director, Dr. Dana Marsh, “The real beauty is there’s an educational element to it. As an educational institution, it has a number of tiers that all work together at the same time. About a third of the kids who come through the choir will actually have careers in music.” With a mix of young amateurs to experienced professionals with solo careers, the Christ Church Cathedral choirs provide an opportunity for young people to grow as musicians and singers and discover the power of their own voices. Learn more at


Holidays on the Prairie Create Memories that will Last a Lifetime

[ 01.14.2013 ]

It’s a blustery Saturday night in December, and families are starting to gather in their shiniest dresses and warmest sweaters. They’re preparing to enjoy a traditional holiday meal before ol’ Saint Nick arrives. Cut. Scene. Ever wonder what it was like to celebrate the magic of the holiday season in the early 19th century? Recently, Lodge had the opportunity to spend some time shooting a video for Conner Prairie’s popular “Holidays on the Prairie” program and experience a real, old-fashioned Christmas. We had dinner with Santa, wandered through a gingerbread village and enjoyed a cast of characters celebrating the holidays with their own unique traditions. We ended the night in the candlelit home of the Campbells where we sang carols with fiddle and piano accompaniment. To top it all off, we wrote an original score for the whole she-bang that helped guide our narrative like Rudolph’s shiny nose. Click here to watch our video, then make plans to go there next December. It’ll rattle the bah humbugs out of even the most hardened of Scrooges, reminding you and your family what the holidays are all about.


Cute Characters Come to Life and Learn an Important Holiday Lesson

[ 01.14.2013 ]

We Griswalded the holly out of this holiday video for our friends at Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL). With some help from IPL, Bolty and his wife learn a valuable lesson about creating a more energy efficient and neighbor-friendly way to let their holiday spirit shine. We created this piece using After Effects and our sugar-cookie-sweet imaginations.


New Re-branding Project Allows Us to Activate All of Our Skill Sets

[ 09.24.2012 ]

We recently worked with the Indianapolis Convention and Visitor’s Association (ICVA) on a major rebranding project for the city. “After canvassing Central Indiana it was clear partnering with the Lodge was the best fit to help Indianapolis launch our new tourism brand strategy,” said Chris Gahl, VP of marketing & communications with Visit Indy. “Lodge took our focus group research and developed creative executions, marketing collateral, logo, and suite of advertisements. They are a savvy group of professionals.”

Lodgers spent the summer strategizing, designing, and writing. After four months, we’re finally ready to say, “Adios” to the old ICVA acronym, and “Helluh-ohhhh” to VISIT INDY. As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, the VISIT INDY overhaul includes a brand-spanking new, and hand-drawn logo typeface, an advertising campaign, 3-dimensional marquee signage, and plenty of interactive and collateral material all designed to shake things up, and let people know what we’re all about here in the heart of the heartland. In fact, the campaign showcases Indianapolis as one of the most walkable cities in the nation, with oodles of unique experiences awaiting visitors around every turn. According to Meg Liffick, the Director of Public Affairs at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, “I attended a confidential reveal of the new VISIT INDY brand, and was blown away! This brand has a huge impact on us all, professionally and personally. You guys aren’t just rock stars, you’re superheroes. Well done!”

As the official host of Indianapolis, the team at Visit Indy works hard to make our city a must-visit destination by strategically selling and marketing the city to conventions, meetings, events and leisure travelers. Last year, more than 22 million visitors spent almost $3.6 billion in the city, helping to sustain more than 66,000 hospitality jobs in the city. Yowza!